The Highly Rewarding Betser Sportsbook Bonus

Betser is by far the latest casino gaming software from Hero Gaming, of the Casino Heroes fame. It is basically a sportsbook brand, which is a pioneering concept, never found before in the field of casino gaming. It is designed with those gamers in mind who are seeking a new approach, moving away from the conventional never-changing gaming practices. This makes it the most up-to-date in the line of sportsbook brands.

Betser gives emphasis to gamer loyalty and as such rewards you for your play. Every time you make a bet, you will be granted Balls or Brains points, which in fact, is the central idea of the whole thing. If you play bets with low odds that are logically thought out, you are given Brains points. Conversely, if you play bets for high odds that reward plucky plays, you will receive Balls points. Gamers who play table and casino games are also rewarded with such points. You can redeem these points for free spins as well as free bets in the Locker Room, the store from where you can buy all your rewards.

Betser has in store various types of promotional features, designed to return something to gamers for their loyalty, whatever their approach to the game. These features are as follows:

  • Bet Booster: This provides you with best market odds on matches that are part of a pre-selected combination.
  • Moneyback Offers: Features such as ‘No Brainer’ and ‘Balls on the Table’ offer something back to the ‘brainy’ and ‘ballsy’ players.
  • Twosome & Threesome: This can double/triple the payout, whenever you score 2x or 3x from an initial goalscorer bet.

Betser also offers the players many more surprises.

The Betser League is another key feature, something that is in a sort of league football mode. Players gather points via their bets that will guide them to go up the table. In case, you are unable to get into the top league, you can keep on fighting for promotion. When the fortnight league-period ends, with you almost at the top, there is every chance for you to move up. If you fair badly, then you will slide down to the bottom. And if you are lucky enough to be at the very top, you can go along and claim the league title.

By providing gamers with a highly competitive element, all players are able to prove that they are one-up on all others. The Betser includes not only a sportsbook but a casino, live betting section and virtual games as well for you to choose.